About me

Hi. I am Maurits Fokkens.
I am just some young web developer who likes to make websites when he's home instead of at school because of the coronavirus. I am 15 years old, and you must think - I don't want a 15 year old building my website! Well, I totally understand.
But, it might not be so bad choosing for me instead of a grown up. Why, you ask? Well, click on the button and I'll tell you!


  • CovInfo.nl

    CovInfo.nl is a project I kind of rushed. It's in Dutch, because, well, I am Dutch. The website displays the latest information about COVID-19, and shows statistics.

  • MauritsFokkens.xyz

    Of course, I made this website myself. I guess it should be in my portfolio too, as I did make it.

  • Wastelez.nl

    Again, this website is in Dutch. This was made for my sister who had a project for school. Rebranded March 18th, now my most recent website.


Ah. The worst part of any website. We've arrived at the pricing section.
Well, let me make this a short paragraph!

Name Description Price
One-page website A website like that doesn't have a lot of information to share. Maximum of 20 sections. €49.99
Small website A website like mine. Maximum of 3 pages. €79.99
Normal website A website for a business with some information to share. Maximum of 10 pages. €139.99
Big website A big website, best for companies that have a lot of information to share. Maximum of 100 pages. €199.99

All prices are excluding hosting and domain names. Hosting is free for the first year.

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